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10 Ways Tradesmen Can Generate More Work

Posted by Bda Trades People on September 5, 2022 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (84)

Whether work is streaming in by the JCB load or it’s squeaky bum time wondering where the next job will come from, it’s essential to ensure that you have a continuous pipeline of work coming through from one week to the next and beyond.


The biggest mistake many busy businesses make is taking their foot off the accelerator, allowing competitors the tiniest of gaps to creep in and steal business away from you. Conversely the biggest mistake quiet businesses ever make is not doing enough to get the ball rolling.


So, without further adieu, here’s our top 10 ways builders and tradesmen can generate more work.


1. Website

Without a brick and mortar high street shop window, which lets face it most building firms don’t have, a website is your store front and certainly one of the best tools in your toolbox to generate more work.


But like powertools there are drills and there are drills. You wouldn’t trust a $19.99 “Megatool” drill to do the same job as a DeWalt XR 18V Combi, and the same can be said for a website.


So why are some websites better than others? And what does better really mean?


In answer to the first part of that question, there are – in very broad terms – 4 general cornerstones that will impact how “good” a website is. And by “good” we mean effective in generating new enquiries or business. These cornerstones are research, content, design and build, followed by a consistent steady stream of more content.


Ensuring that this process is adhered to will give you the foundations of a solid website that will, over time, with enough quality content added to it, generate you plenty of work.


The key here is to maintain a consistent level of new content on the website after it’s launched by way of posting regular blog articles, running special offers, adding a portfolio of completed jobs, perhaps tricks of the trade and other general useful nuggets that will keep visitors coming back.



2. Social Media

There’s a few options here, but for a small to medium sized local firm we truly believe there is no better social platform than Facebook to generate work.


Recent changes in the past year means Facebook business pages don’t quite do what they did organically (for free) use to do, but with a few dollars chucked at Facebook ads your pride and joy achievements in the workplace can be showcased to literally thousands of potential local new customers.


As a mini blog Facebook should be used alongside a website to be truly effective, but for very small businesses Facebook alone can generate plenty of work given the right pitch.


Contact us to learn more about Facebook Advertising services & Social Media Shout Outs for your business. 



3. Flyers & Business Cards

If you’re good at something it’s worth talking about. And perhaps the cheapest way of doing this for the non-digital savvy builder is flyers.


Providing your proposition is right, ie. there’s a compelling argument for using your services, then the only milestone to overcome is how you’re going to get the pallet of 20,000 flyers out of the back of the van and through people’s letterboxes.


Don’t forget to hit local shops with a bundle of flyers too for their waiting customers!



4. Email

Email marketing doesn’t have to be complex. Yes creating a HTML fully responsive email template is a thing of beauty, but a simple email to let customers past and present know what new services you offer or promotions you’re running can generate new work.


On the other hand if you have the skills, data and budget to deliver a proper email marketing campaign, then the analytics off the back of it will be invaluable and the returns tenfold.



5. SMS

A little more intrusive than email, but given the right offer a SMS campaign can generate new business very quickly. SMS tools are generally easy to use with minimal investment required to get a campaign off the ground… well, providing you have the numbers of past, present and potential customers!



6. PPC (Pay-per-click) Advertising

Want to get to the top of Google overnight? Consider it done. We’ve all seen the inconspicuous ads at the top of most Google searches, or on various other websites as part of Google’s partner program, and if you’ve got the budget then that could be you advertising there too.


Google PPC ads – really the only PPC ads aside from Facebook worth mentioning – are a great way to send traffic to your website by taking a hop, skip and jump over your competitors organic listings.


Being at the top of Google pretty much guarantees you a 1/3 of all the clicks, in fact positions 1-2 account for over 60% of all clicks, so despite the hefty fees that can sometimes rack up with PPC, it’s worth considering what value a new lead is worth to your business and setting a budget accordingly.


One thing to note though… your content the ad links through to MUST be relevant, otherwise you’re going to generate big bounce rates with zero results.



7. Referral sites

Are they worth bothering with?


Well, in short yes. They spend a fortune on SEO, meaning they will almost always outrank a local website and if you’re fairly new to the building game then chances are you’ve not got your own website anyway or have considered many of the other above marketing channels. So, if you’re looking to inject immediate leads then this site can be some of the best initial ways to do so.


However, there are drawbacks:


1) Initial membership fees aren’t cheap, plus ongoing fees to buy leads mean you can easily invest over a grand before you’ve even got a job.


2) You’re competing against lots of other businesses for the same job, many of whom will have ratings over and above you, which pretty much guarantees them the lion’s share of the work or at least the best jobs.

3) Because you’re competing against lots of other businesses, the virtue of doing so screws everybody on price. That’s just how it is.


4) Even once you’re established you still have to keep paying to generate more work, so ongoing costs are high.


In summary, yes they do work but you’re unlikely to be attracting long term customers who don’t mind paying that but extra for quality.



8. Partnerships

If you’re in the building trade then the chances are you’ll know someone else who is. And that’s good because it means you can share work with each other. For example, what electrician doesn’t need a plasterer or decorator to fill in all the chases and holes after a rewire, or what builder doesn’t need an electrician or plumber to wire and plumb a new extension?


Working together to pass around leads or even offering a finders fee to other firms like the Bermuda Tradespeople, can often lead to lots of additional work, not to mention reduced costs and plenty of new clients!



9. Google Business

Simple one here, but claiming your FREE Google business page can generate work and if you’ve got a website the backlink alone is worth the time and effort.


All it takes is a computer and maybe an hour of your time to get a free listing in Google where you can add all your company information, services, pictures of jobs and more!



10. eMoo

This might sound strange, but for trades where you fabricate or fit made to measure items then this is a great way of generating more business. UPVC window and door installers, artificial grass installers, garage door specialists and some of the more unique trades are all perfectly suited to eMoo, where your services and products can be exposed to thousands of potential buyers.


Granted it’s not for all trades, but for certain niches it works incredibly well!



So, there we have it! 10 ways builders and tradesmen can generate more work. By no means is this an exhaustive list, but it is something that builders of all sizes can follow, from sole traders to large firms. It’s all about making the right noises to the right people.


If you need assistance with your marketing or just want some more advice on how to generate more work then by all means drop us a line below and we’ll be all too happy to help!

Article Resource: Gossip Marketing

HomePro Giveback Programme

Posted by Bda Trades People on February 3, 2021 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (16)

HomePro Giveback Programme

As a newly formed local painting and maintenance company, we are looking to make a difference in our local community. So, for 2017 and onward we are initiating our HomePro Giveback Programme.


The premise is simple.


For every job we complete, a percentage of our earnings will be allocated to our Giveback fund.


Each job we get we will devote no less than $100 to the program, to be allocated strictly for materials. When the fund totals $300—$500 we will then request, via social media, people to nominate someone in need of painting and maintenance work for their house.


All work will be considered volunteer work and cost for materials is covered by the programme. Each nomination will be considered by our committee.


We are looking at achieving at least 5 jobs in the first year.


We are open to other skilled individuals volunteering their services, but all work will be completed under HomePro to ensure quality and professionalism.


We hope that we can make a difference, one job at a time.

What an excellent initiative and a great way of giving back to the community. 

Want to contribute? Here's how...

Submit A Painting Job for HomePro or Leave HomePro A Review in the comments section below.

Frias Carpentry

Posted by Bda Trades People on January 26, 2021 at 5:05 PM Comments comments (27)

Making Dreams A Reality!

Frias Carpentry specializes in the installation of kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities and hanging doors. We can also arrange to supply kitchen cabinets and countertops.

Feel free to leave us a review or comments.

Home Maintenance and Renovation Diary

Posted by Bda Trades People on January 24, 2021 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (42)

Keep a Detailed Home Maintenance and Renovation Diary


Just as it's important for you to keep detailed records of your home business, your bills, income tax information or medical history, so too is it imperative that you keep a detailed records of all maintenance you perform on your home. After all, it is your biggest investment, and the one thing in your house that requires constant TLC to maintain its value and to ensure it continues to be able to protect your family from the elements and keep them secure. However, when you think about everything you have to do to take care of a home, setting up a manageable way of keeping accurate and detailed records can be a overwhelming task. But with some creative thinking and a commitment to accuracy and organization, it can make a daunting task quite simple.


Whether you are just purchasing your home or you're just committed to setting up a manageable database of information regarding your home's maintenance, a home maintenance diary might be just the thing you need to get organized and stay organized on this matter. Begin with taking stock of your home's current condition. Be brutally honest when you're assessing the situation. You might want to categorize your diary by section of the home such as the exterior, kitchen, master bedroom or basement, or you may choose to divide it according to task, like painting, electrical, insulation, roof, landscaping, or climate control. Treat your initial walk-through as a real estate agent or investor might do. Study each corner, each tile and brick, and notate any damage, defect, or upkeep that needs to happen.


As you look through your completed home maintenance diary, don't let it become overwhelming to you. Devise a plan with the rest of your family that works for everyone involved to complete needed tasks. Perhaps you'll devote this weekend to painting the exterior and the following weekend you'll focus on maintaining the landscaping. If there are tasks in your diary that you feel ill-equipped to handle, call a professional. The peace of mind knowing the job was handled by a professional is well worth it.


Be sure to have a separate section available for renovations, updates, or remodels that you've completed as well. Be sure to date these events, and if there's any notes regarding specific equipment used or products purchased, be sure to jot that all down as well.

Do you keep a diary of home improvement projects? I know I haven't, but I do for my car.

10 Tips To Find Great Tradespeople

Posted by Bda Trades People on January 15, 2021 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (26)

How to find the best tradesmen for your job

Most tradesmen are honest, competent, and hard working. But if you have one who isn’t, it can mean living in a building site for what seems like an eternity, costs thousands of dollars, or a botched job that causes problems for years to come. When you are looking for a tradesman, how can you ensure he or she is trustworthy?


Recent research from our annual Homeowners Survey shows that finding a reliable tradesman is the main obstacle that puts people off from carrying out home maintenance and improvement jobs. Here are our top tips for how to find the right tradesperson to help you get your project under way.


1) Use personal recommendations

One of the best ways to ensure quality service is to choose somebody who has been recommended to you by a good friend or family member, especially if you have not seen their handywork first hand.


2) Search online

If you’re new to an area or haven’t been impressed by recommendations from friends in the past, then start your search online. The Bermuda Tradespeople directory is an extensive islandwide network of trades which you can search for free. They run strict background checks on tradespeople before they can become members. Once tradespeople join, members agree to have feedback from their customers put online and promise to meet ‘The Bermuda Tradespeople Standard’.


3) Never use somebody who approaches you out of the blue

If people knock on your door and offer you unsolicited services always turn them away. There are lots of con artists who operate in this way, and no reputable trader gets work by cold-calling on strangers.


4) Always get 2-3 quotes for any work

If you ensure you get a number of quotes for every piece of work that needs doing, you can better judge the true price. You are also less likely to get ripped off. It can be astonishing how much prices vary. Also, each time you speak to a builder about the work, you will learn more about it – and will be better able to judge if a tradesman knows what they are talking about, or is spinning your wheels.


You’ll soon realise how surprisingly difficult it is to get a quote out of a builder, but persevere. Approach at least 5 tradesmen from the beginning so you have enough quotes to be able to compare.


5) Ask for references

You shouldn’t be shy about asking for two or three references. Then call up the referees and speak to them directly about the work and service of the tradesman; if it is a big job, you might want to go and see the quality of his work. If the builder won’t provide references, ask why – it is often very telling about them if they don’t.


6) How long have they been in business?

It is an old contractors trick to build up debts with materials firms, declare bankruptcy, and close down the company leaving you with a half finished job and no recourse. So ask for their company details (company name and number) and check how long they have been trading, and whether the company is active, dormant or dissolved. 

7) Write a detailed brief

Work together to draw up a detailed brief – except for the very smallest jobs – specifying:


  • the work that needs to be done, in the greatest detail you can
  • whether cleaning up and disposal of waste are included
  • the materials the tradesman will use. If you want high quality materials, state in writing what they are
  • the breakdown of which of the costs are labor, and which are for materials
  • what materials are included in the price
  • what materials you will supply – will you provide the paint, tiles or lighting attachments?
  • whether subcontractors such as electricians are included
  • whether additional costs such as parking are included
  • find out what upfront cost do you have to pay


Find local trades and service providers with the Bermuda Tradespeople

8 ) Get a quote in writing

Never accept a verbal quote, except perhaps for the very small jobs that are just 1 or 2 hours work or cost very little. Always get a written quote for the job, detailing the costs for the brief above.


9) Don’t get fooled by low quotes

It’s very easy to give a low estimate initially in order to attract business and then put the price up later. Low prices might result in lower quality equipment, manpower and work too. Go with a tradesman you trust to do a good job rather than one that gives you low prices.


10) Get a contract specifying the terms

When you are appointing a tradesman, ensure you have a detailed payment schedule that includes an expected completion date, and details for what penalties there are if the work goes over deadline or over budget. For any medium or larger jobs, you should insist on a full legal written contract. Read about the benefits of building contracts here


BONUS- Are they registered with a trade body?

Trade bodies and associations vary enormously in quality. Some check up on their members once a year to ensure they are performing to standard. Others are less rigorous and tradespeople effectively pay an annual subscription in return for a label that generates false trust. Check out whether your tradesman is a member of a trade body and what it means


Finally – do report rogue traders

If they are part of any schemes or associations, do report any poor service. You should also report them to your local Trading Standards department, who have the power to make them improve their standards – and even to stop them from trading.

Resource; How To Find The Best Tradesmen 

Feel free to leave comments and recommendations for hiring a contractor.

Signs Your Kitchen Needs To Be Remodeled

Posted by Bda Trades People on January 12, 2021 at 12:15 PM Comments comments (32)

Signs Your Kitchen Needs to Be Remodeled


Are you a homeowner? If so, how long have you lived in your home? Whether you have only lived in your home three months, three years, or even thirty years, there may come a time when you want a change. We often associate change with buying a new home, but there is a way that you make a change without having to make another large purchase. If you are looking for a change, when it comes to your home, you way want to think about remodeling your kitchen.


When it comes to kitchen remodeling, there are many homeowners who wonder why they should even bother. If you are one of those homeowners, you may want to take the time to familiarize yourself with the most common signs that you need or could benefit from having your kitchen remodeled. If any of the scenarios, mentioned down below, applies to you in, anyway, it may be time for you to start your next home improvement project; a kitchen remodeling project.


Perhaps, the most obvious sign that you need to remodel your kitchen is if it is falling apart in anyway. To many homeowners, falling apart means different things, but, in essence, it means if your kitchen appears as if it is in extremely poor quality. If you notice holes in your walls or ceiling, kitchen cabinets that are not properly working, kitchen counters that have large gashes in them, or bumps in your kitchen floor tiles, it may be time to remodel your kitchen. When a kitchen has something wrong with it, you should not only be concerned with the appearance of it, but also the safety. That is why it is important that you, at least, fix any problems in your kitchen, even if you don’t plan on doing a large remodeling project.


As previously mentioned, another one the many signs that you may need to have your kitchen remodeled is if you need a change. As much as many homeowners love their homes, it can get quite boring to look at the same thing, every single day. A kitchen remodeling project is the best way to spice up your life, as well as your home. If you do not have the time, the expertise, or the money needed to remodel your whole kitchen, you may want to just focus on a particular part of it, such as your cabinets and so on.


Money is another sign that you may want or need to remodel your kitchen. Choosing to remodel your kitchen isn’t just a big decision, it is an expensive one. Although many homeowners need to have their kitchens remodeled, there are many who cannot afford to do so. If you have the money, you are urged to remodel your kitchen when you have the chance, especially if your kitchen is currently in bad shape. Whether you recently came into some money or saved with the hopes of being able to afford a kitchen remodeling project, you should get started while you still have the chance. Unfortunately, money is sometimes hard to hang on to. That is why if your intention was to remodel your kitchen, make sure that you stick to your originally intention; you can benefit a number of ways from doing so.


Even though the above mentioned points may apply to you, you may still be wondering whether or not you should really remodel your kitchen. Perhaps, it is best that you take time to think about your decision. The decision to remodel your kitchen is a large one; it is one that shouldn’t be made on an impulse.


The Art of Concrete Lanscaping

Posted by Bda Trades People on January 4, 2021 at 9:30 AM Comments comments (117)

Concrete landscaping can add so much to your yard.

To hear the word concrete you may not think that it would be something to want in your yard but in fact, concrete landscaping has come along way in the last 10 years or so. Now concrete landscaping is all the rage and it is very pretty too.

You can use concrete landscaping for many different parts of your yard. Most people use concrete landscaping ideas and designs for the walkways and paths that wind through their gardens. This is more for those with larger yards but even if your yard is small it could do with some concrete landscaping. You could put down a lively patio that you and your friends could it at to have drinks or tea. There is nothing more fun than a little party out on the patio on a nice day.

Stone walls are another form of concrete landscaping that has really caught on like wildfire. Walls are what will frame the whole home. They are the gorgeous and steely frame to the glorious painting that is your front and back yard. There are many other reasons to have concrete landscaping such as walls as well.

These walls are perfect for keeping your pet in the yard. If you have a dog that is prone to run away then look into this kind of concrete landscaping. These walls are also very good for keeping intruders out. The harder your home is to get into the less likely burglars will be to bother trying. So look into this type of concrete landscaping today and talk to a professional about it.

You can also use concrete landscaping to keep your soil in place. If there is a part of your yard that is prone to slipping then you can build a retention wall expressly for this purpose. The best thing about concrete landscaping is that while it can be functional you can make it look as if it is just there for looks.

There is so much that you can do with concrete landscaping because concrete is so easy to work with. You can use concrete landscaping bricks or you can use whole solid slabs. You can even get custom made concrete landscaping stones that are in unique and creative shapes and patters. Take some time and see what all is out there in terms of concrete landscaping, you might just be surprised.

Tips For Fuller-Figured Women

Posted by Bda Trades People on November 29, 2020 at 1:35 AM Comments comments (122)

Here are a few tips to help women look slimmer if you have...

Big Breast

*Good choices = Use more detail on the lower part of the body. Something with a print or fuller skirt. Wear a bra that minimizes. V & Square necklines help to trim the bust line.

*Bad choices = Horizontal stripes, tight T-shirts, pockets and details or sequins in the bust area.


Fat/Flabby Arms

*Good choices = Bracelet length sleeves or flared sleeves.

*Bad choices = Sleeves tops, shirts or sweaters.


Thick/large Waist

*Good choices = Sweaters, blouses, or T-shirts that come about 4” below the waist worn over a skirt or slacks.

*Bad choices = Anything tucked in with a large wide belt.


Big Ankles

*Good choices = Long skirts with a slit at the side.

*Bad choices = ¾” pants, especially the tight Capri style that ends just below the knee.


Big Buttocks

*Good choices = Long, flowing skirts or slacks with a loose leg shape.

*Bad choices = Short, tight skirts and long sweaters or T-shirts pulled over the buttocks.

We hope this has provided you with useful tips on how to look slimmer.


6 Cleaning Tips Before Moving Out

Posted by Bda Trades People on November 28, 2020 at 12:50 PM Comments comments (104)

Moving? Here are some Cleaning Tips!


One of the most annoying things about moving house or apartments is the cleaning – and removing stubborn stains and marks is one of the hardest things to do when prepping your house for a move. Its always important, when using these tips to spot test and ensure that you won't be doing more damage than good. You should also always take your cleaning items with you – a box of your most commonly used items or a checklist can save you time and effort in the long run.

Some of the most common stains and marks can be removed with ease – with every day household items.

 Tip #1

Scuffs and marks on woodwork can be removed with a pencil eraser – these marks, from shoes, wheels, or rubber bumping against things are hard to remove any other way, but come off with ease with a rubber.

Tip #2

Toothpaste isn't just great for cleaning teeth – you can use it to remove stubborn ink, crayon, or scuff stains from any surface – be careful to test it on wallpaper first in an inconspicuous place. You'll have to remove most of these stains from walls before painting as they can show through several layers of paint.

 Tip #3

Toothpaste is also good for removing crayon from radiators, or glass – just rub lightly with a non abrasive cloth, or for tough stains, leave to sit for up to one hour before scrubbing gently.

 Tip #4

You can remove unwanted paint from most woodwork by carefully scouring with a brass scourer – not too hard though, or you'll scratch the other paintwork.

Tip #5

Scum stains, dried toothpaste and lime scale come off with liberal application of an oxy based paste – you can get any 'oxy' based cleaner (one that fizzes and heats up the water slightly) in most supermarkets.

 Tip #6

You can remove moldy or damp smells just about anywhere with bicarbonate of soda. Simply apply to the smelly area (or leave a tub open in a cupboard or fridge) and the smell should be vastly diminished or gone within 24 hours. The same goes for activated charcoal, or a few drops of vanilla on a cloth. Baking soda is good for a whole month, so can be used continually, not just for cleaning for a move.

Did we miss anything? I'm sure we did. Feel free to add some more cleaning tips below.

Remodeling Your Kitchen

Posted by Bda Trades People on November 8, 2020 at 12:10 PM Comments comments (151)

Remodeling Your Kitchen: Should You Hire a Decorator?


Are you interested in remodeling your kitchen? If so, have you decided what you would like remodeled? When it comes to kitchen remodeling, there are some individuals who know exactly what they would like done and others, honestly, have no clue. If you know that you would like to remodel your kitchen, but you aren’t exactly sure how, you may want to think about using the services of a professional decorator. When it comes to receiving assistance with the design of your home, there are a number of benefits to seeking assistance from a professional decorator.


Before you can begin to examine the benefits of using the services of a professional decorator, it is important to keep one thing in mind. Different individuals have different definitions of professional decorators. There are many who feel that a professional decorator does just that, decorate. While this is true, there is more to decorating than just changing your wallpaper or hanging up new picture. Professional decorators can also help you redesign your kitchen, all of it. That is why if you are looking to remodel your kitchen, you may want to seek assistance from a professional, as previously mentioned, there are a number of benefits to doing so.


One of the many benefits to seeking assistance from a professional decorator, when you are looking to remodel your kitchen, is the expertise you are given. Professional decorators are individuals who not only have a large amount of experience, but also individuals that have a decent amount of training. Many professional decorators went to college or at least took a few decorating courses. This experience and training often means that they know what works and what doesn’t work. If you are looking to change the design of your kitchen, with a little bit of remodeling, you may want to know what does and doesn’t work, from a professional standpoint.


Kitchen remodeling is nice, but it is also expensive. Even if you are looking to remodel your kitchen, all of it, you may still want to save money. In addition to giving you information on the hottest kitchen designs, such as cabinets, lighting, or countertop trends, a professional decorator can also help you find supplies and materials that are affordable. One of the nice things about professional decorators is that they usually know where to shop for the best deals. This means if you are looking for an new elegant stainless steel kitchen sink, a professional decorator can not only help you choose the prefect fit, but they may also help you find the best place to purchase the sink and sink accessories from.


One of the reasons why a professional decorator may be able to point you in the direction of a supplier is because they tend to develop contacts along the way. This could definitely work out to your advantage, especially if you are looking to hire a professional contactor to do your kitchen remodeling for you. You will find, in many cases, that professional decorators can offer you contractor suggestions or recommendations. If, by some change, they are unable to connect you with a local contractor, there is a good chance that they know someone who can. One of the hardest parts about having your kitchen professionally remodeling is finding a trusted individual or company to do the job for you. With recommendations from a professional decorator, you may not have to worry anymore.


Although you may be able to benefit from using the assistance of a professional decorator, you may not want to pay for it. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen on a budget, you may want to use the internet to your advantage. Online, with a standard internet search, you should easily be able to find the latest trends in kitchen remodeling. These trends may give you ideas as to exactly how you want or do not want your kitchen to be remodeled.

If you’re looking for professional Renovating/Remodeling Services, do not hesitate contact us. Bermuda Homes & Apartments for Rent can put you in touch with the right professionals.